Sunday, September 13, 2009

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This is Ed Lowe's blog.

He is new at it, but he won't be for long.

Reader of this, "blog," no doubt will make it part of their lives. Others have before, before blogging existed, when newspapers dominated people's daily reading habits.

Ed Lowe sneaked into one of them (Long Island's Newsday, at one time the 7th largest paper in the nation) and got away with writing non-newspaper stories without being caught at it for almost 40 years.

They were stories people told each other about they time they made a mistake identifying a neighbor as a desperado, or the time a black Labrador Retriever backed a truck into a Mercedes Benz, or the dock builder who used his hammer to gently tap a nut from a toilet seat and did $750 worth of damage, or the cop who got scammed out of $100 by a con-artist who showed up a week later in a different place with the same scam, and the same cop, watching.

Ed Lowe wrote them and people supplied them and Ed Lowe wrote them and people supplied them.

That is the beginning of the blog. Where it goes from there, nobody knows.


  1. Okay, I'm going to make a comment before anybody else does. How I get to the 2nd blog?

  2. Hi Ed,
    Hope you're well and have recovered from your stroke last year. I was curious as to whether or not your past columns are available. Several years ago you wrote a column about an incident I had in NYC while walking in midtown. Someone had squirted catsup on my suit jacket and an accomplice offered to help clean it off. While I was distracted cleaning my jacket they took off with my laptop which I had placed on the sidewalk. Please let me know if a copy is available somewhere. Thanks. Bob S.